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FAQ: Favorite Bible Verses, Inspirational Plaques, Stained Glass Panels

Q: Can I find the inspirational plaques or stained glass window panels or crosses anywhere else?
Yes, you can find them at a number of Christian bookstores and Bible camps in the Midwest. We are always looking for more places where they can be made available. You may contact us if you would like specific information on where you can find them near you, or if you would be interested in making them available in your area.

Q: Do you make very large plaques for churches?
Yes, we are happy to make very large plaques inscribed with favorite Bible verses for churches, nursing homes, hospitals, or waiting areas – anywhere God’s Word can be available for others to read. A large plaque can have a few words written large or many words written small.

Q: Can I specify what verse or portions of Scripture I want on a plaque, or must I pick a theme?
Yes, you may specify your favorite Bible verse or verses. We are happy when someone makes a request for one of their favorite verses, because we know that it is a verse that is meaningful to them.

Q: Can I request the version of the Bible I prefer?
Yes, for the most part, we will gladly use the version of the Bible that you specify. As a rule, if not specified, we usually use the King James Version because it seems to be the version most of us grew up with and the one we are most familiar with.

Q: Can I request a poem or hymn or some other saying to be written on a plaque?
No, from the beginning we made the decision we would write only Bible verses. HIS Business has always been a ministry with the purpose of sharing Gods Word.

Q: Some friends of mine are getting married, and I would like to give them a plaque with one of their favorite Bible verses. Could you personalize it with their names and the date of their marriage?
A: Yes, we are happy to personalize plaques for weddings, births, graduations, retirements, anniversaries, etc., at no extra charge.

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